New Way to Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief

Conventional BV Treatment – Why it is Not Always Recommended

Downsides of Conventional Bacterial Treatments

Two common approaches for treating BV are over-the-counter medication and the treatment with antibiotics. To understand why antibiotics are not an optimal treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis we need to look a little closer how those medications actually work.

It is actually quite normal that there is always a certain amount of “good” as well as “bad” bacteria in the female genitals. It is this balance of the bacteria in the vagina which makes it possible that the female genitals are steadily kept healthy on their own and we usually do not have to do anything further.

Bacterial Vaginosis means that the number of bad bacteria is increasing, the healthy balance of the bacterial flora inside the female genitals is brought out of balance.

This could happen due to a number of different reasons, for example the use of irritating, scented soaps or baths.

Now, antibiotics are not “smart” in a sense as they don’t know not to eliminate the good bacteria which are actually beneficial for the vaginal health. Antibiotics simply try to kill off all bacteria, including the good ones.

While this approach will certainly kill the bacteria responsible for the Bacterial Vaginosis, the antibiotics will also destroy the natural shield of the beneficial bacterial and with it the ability of the vagina to keep itself healthy on its own.

With the good bacteria as well as the bad bacteria gone, the antibiotics now give way for a potential new BV infection down the road.

We can therefore observe a rather high rate of vaginosis infection recurrence anywhere from 2 weeks up to a month from the initial treatment with antibiotics. Many chronic sufferers from Bacterial Vaginosis have this problem of BV infection recurring after they got treated with antibiotics.

There is an increasing number of patients who realize that such treatment is not optimal due to the high rate of occurrence and this rather radical approach of eliminating all of the bacteria.

Other criteria which speak against antibiotics are the potential side-effects of them, in particular in pregnant women.

Natural treatments have the following benefits:

* No recurrence of bacterial vaginosis.

* High success rate of > 90% in most women.

* No side-effects

A natural treatment solution which gets rid of the actual problem in the long run is certainly better than repeated taking of antibiotics just to have the infection coming back a few weeks later.

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