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Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms

Bacterial Vaginosis SymptomsWhat exactly are the Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms?

The difference between BV and other vaginal infections and how we can be sure that we are dealing with Vaginosis.

Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms

The symptoms for bacterial vaginosis are not always easy to recognize.

One reason for this is that the symptoms can be very similar to other conditions, it is not always obvious when a Bacterial Vaginosis infection is occurs.

Some of the most common and obvious signs are the vaginal discharge and the bad, foul odor (fishy smell). The discharge can have a slimy, mucus-like appearance.

With it we can also observe itchiness or soreness around the vagina. Pain and a burning sensation while urinating are common signs also.

While the symptoms are usually rather mild, one problem is that many females are often not even  aware that they have Bacterial Vaginosis. Some women just do not take the signs and symptoms too serious at first. As a result, such ignoring of the bacterial vaginosis symptoms could lead to other and more complications down the road which could have been avoided if the signs are taken seriously right away once they occur.

A healthy vagina is pretty balanced in that sense that it contains a small amount of good as well as bad bacteria and microorganisms. It can regulate itself and usually there are no problems. The condition appears when this healthy balance is thrown off due to various reasons.

We know that Bacterial Vaginosis results from a bacterial imbalance in the vagina coming from an overgrowth of the bad bacteria.

For example, it is known that such bad bacteria which can throw off the vaginal balance can often be introduced from overdoing it with vaginal douching. Another reason which could trigger a BV infection is too frequent use of washes and soaps with harsh chemicals and strong scents.

All those things can influence the sensitive bacterial flora within the vagina negatively and could cause a growth of harmful bad bacteria which could lead to the condition.

The same goes also for changing sexual partners frequently. Doing so can cause an increase of the vaginal pH,  this can also lead to bacterial vaginosis symptoms.

What if i have Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms but i am not sure?

As for diagnosis, only the doctor can make an accurate diagnosis due to the fact that bacterial vaginosis symptoms are so similar to other conditions like candida. And candida needs a different treatment. Self-diagnosis is not a wise thing to to when it comes to your health.

As always, prevention by being careful is the best thing to do to avoid the Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms.