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Bacterial Vaginosis – Can Men Get Bacterial Vaginosis?

Can Men Get Bacterial Vaginosis?

Many people wonder whether Bacterial Vaginosis is contagious and whether males also can actually get Bacterial Vaginosis. There is some confusing information to be found whether men can actually get or transmit this infection.

How common is the occurrence of Vaginosis on Men? For one, we can with certainty say that Bacterial vaginosis infections have never been observed in men. Due to the physionomy of the male genitals the bacteria which are responsible for BV cannot grow in males as they do in females.

However, sexual contact can make the condition worse for the woman and it is not advised that women who suffer from BV engage in any sexual intercourse unless the Vaginosis is properly treated and completely gotten rid of. The worst which can happen due to sexual contact is that the infection would spread internally and cause even more complications down the road. Abstinence is strongly advised until the infection is under control.

There are also indications that having sexual contact while infected with Bacterial Vaginosis can be responsible for the recurrence of the infection and it might make it much more difficult to successful heal and treat the infection in the long run. Why make things worse and hinder the healing process?

Another problem is the potential spreading of the condition from one women to the other. While men themselves are prone to Bacterial Vaginosis, it is certainly possible that the harmful bacteria are spread similar to sexual transmitted diseases (STDs). While BV is not an STD in itself, the ways of transferring the infection are similar, caution is therefore always best as opposed to risking even more health problems.

If a woman is uncertain about having a BV infection, the best is simply to consult a doctor first for a proper diagnosis. After a proper diagnosis has been made by a doctor or physicist, women can use a variety of natural but effective treatments to get rid of the bacterial vaginosis.

To minimize the risk, always use condoms and use special caution and hygiene to avoid any further and unnecessary complications.

In conclusion, while men cannot get Bacterial Vaginosis, it is possible that they can spread the condition and make things worse. Any such health risks should be avoided.