New Way to Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief

Bacterial Vaginitis Treatment

What exactly is Bacterial Vaginitis and How can You Treat it?

Simply spoken, Bacterial Vaginitis occurs when the natural and normal balance of microorganisms in the vagina is getting out of control.

Vaginitis should not be mixed up with having a candida yeast infection, although the symptoms can look very much the same. Sometimes the same treatment as for bacterial vaginitis can also help to cure candida.

An effective cure for bacterial vaginitis is not as hard to obtain as you might assume. Bacterial vaginitis (bacterial vaginosis) is a very common condition amongst many women.

Actually it is just about the most frequent of such conditions and can be encountered by women of all ages. It is very common that it causes quite some degree of psychological stress and annoyance, however it is not a life threatening condition.


The discharge produced by Bacterial Vaginitis is particularly common right after intercourse, although it can appear any other time also.

Its appearance is usually of a bright yellow-color and also thin in consistency. Other signs or symptoms could be excessive itching in addition to uncomfortable swelling of the vagina and vulva. And of course there is the hint of the distinctive fishy odour.

That smell is apparent upon discharge but it stays until the conditions is gone. Douches wont help, they actually make the condition even worse. Doctors quite often aren’t sure themselves which condition (vaginosis, candida) it is and then simply move through whatever treatment optionsĀ  until something finally works.

Important is that we want to make sure that we are not dealing with candida, thrush or candida albicans or trichomoniasis. After we have the right diagnosis we can start treating, but not before we actually know what we are dealing with.

Main Reason for Bacterial Vaginitis

A root cause, as we know, is a higher than normal ph level compared to the typical pH level within the vagina. Harmful microbial growth is limited in the vagina as long as the acidic pH level stays normal at about 3.7 to 4.2.

But if this level goes up towards the alkaline area of the scale and exceeds 4.5, the harmful bacteria start to take over – starting to give off that distinct fishy odor.

What medication works best? Antibiotics or perhaps an alternative Natural Treatment for Bacterial Vaginitis?

For many doctors, anti-biotics are always the first and initial option and there’s no reason to believe this will change in mainstream medicine any time soon.

According to medical studies, we know that medication with antibiotics is only successful for 16% of all women and then in parts for about 38% of women. A further problem is the extremely high rate of reccurence of the vaginitis if it is treated with antibiotics.

And then there are naturals cures for vaginitis with an astonishing success rate of over 90% for sufferers. And: The actual ingredients cost only a few dollars and such natural treatment is usually working right away or in very short time.

It is no surprise that a growing number of doctors tend to be leading sufferers in direction of a natural cure when it comes to bacterial vaginitis. Better even, antibiotics lose its effectiveness over time and natural healing methods often do not, let alone that mainstream medication like antibiotics often have serious side effects.

Natural treatment of Bacterial Vaginitis is therefore preferred for many reasons.

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